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  • Tue, 16:56: RT @DamonLindelof: COMMUNITY is back at 8 on the 15th. I have a good feeling about those numbers.
  • Tue, 17:00: been travelling since like 9am yesterday just got home also was walking from 1:30pm to 3:30pm i fully believe i am the tiredest person ever
  • Tue, 17:01: @crymaxing remind me to fill you in on plot ideas later so you can put in what you want to do and so it works for everyone! <3
  • Tue, 17:13: OH GOD does anone know how to fix a monitor casing part of mine broke off and i can't get it fixed for a few weeks
  • Tue, 17:14: RT @weirdopanty: sappy dave feelings brb writing a novel about it
  • Tue, 17:36: wtf are you even doing brobot
  • Tue, 17:47: i love you orson never leave you're the only person in the show that has fucking sanity right now even if you're also kind of creepy
  • Tue, 17:47: this is me admitting publically i watch desperate housewives the shame feel my shaaammeee
  • Tue, 17:48: susan you are so weird why do you polllute your children
  • Tue, 17:49: "is the father of your baby gay? oh no! oh, he's not? too bad, they're great with kids!" yeah, okay.
  • Tue, 17:57: RT @maritzac:
  • Tue, 17:58: i bet we're supposed to be mad at orson's efforts to keep the ladies away from bree but i'm just sitting here going "thank fucking god"
  • Tue, 18:07: okay, this show may be trash tv but they just pulled the "mom goes to give baby up, says it's her choice and doesn't let the dad in" plot...
  • Tue, 18:07: but unlike every other show ever, they're pointing out how the parents both have equal rights to the decisions and leading the plot that way
  • Tue, 18:07: fucking finally someone is doing it right, jesus christ
  • Tue, 18:16: RT @colourlovers: COLOURlovers guest post alert: Colorful wedding inspiration on @Lover_ly today. See what we are talking about over the ...
  • Tue, 18:17: okay never mind, orson, you are now a lying liar and i would slap you if it was kosher to slap a dude in a wheelchair
  • Tue, 18:17: RT @RonPaul: ICYMI Ron Paul tied with Obama in key swing state of Virginia: #gop #gop2012 #tcot #RonPaul
  • Tue, 18:20: this is what i get for my favourite character being a dude who intentionlly let his mom get full body paralyzed oops
  • Tue, 18:21: though really, what morals does one have to choose from in this show anyway
  • Tue, 18:24: @gypsyjr what's that?
  • Tue, 18:33: GODDAMMIT ORSON i've never gone so quick from "thank god you exist" to "get out forever you creeping creep" so quick in one episode
  • Tue, 19:14: ahaha guy in this show offered to take a girl on a date to a watering hole. she assumed he meant a bar. no. he meant a literal watering hole
  • Tue, 19:46: yay mood drop
  • Tue, 19:50: brb
  • Tue, 20:10: nows when it gets predictable